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Motivation: How to Do It for Maximum Results


Motivation is a tricky thing. While you can do many things to help someone reach a driven state of mind, solid results often require a mix of factors. However, knowing how to motivate is an essential skill for any leader in order to inspire their team, employees, or even friends. Read on to learn how you can be an effective motivator in both your personal and professional relationships. 

How to Motivate Others for Maximum Results 

Initiate Motivation from a Place of Interest and Empathy 

Sometimes it’s hard for people to internalize what you say, no matter how encouraging it is. If a genuine relationship is not established, it is simply harder to listen to someone you do not know and trust. This is why you need to prioritize building healthy relationships. A strong foundation is important if you want your motivational nuggets of wisdom to have an impact on the people you’re sharing them with.

This is true whether you want to motivate a loved one or someone who works for you. If you are a boss or a team leader, make it a practice to ask for employee input regularly. There is no better motivation than knowing that your boss values your input and cares about you. Asking questions is one way to know more about your employees. This is one of the best ways to build and strengthen any relationship. Asking questions naturally contributes to boosting confidence, especially if you act upon your employees’ input. It is easy to boost workplace morale and motivate workers if they see that their input matters. 

Don’t Coach, Empower 

Motivation is an intensely personal thing. There is only so much talking you can do to motivate someone. The decision to act and be productive always lies upon the other person. The good thing is that you can motivate others through encouragement and empowerment. Sometimes all we need to move forward is the assurance that we are doing the right thing. That could be the only hurdle keeping the other person from taking action. Become an encourager or someone who validates the right decisions for others if you want to see clear and visible results. 

Lead by Example 

Motivation is an internal drive that propels a person to keep doing what they are doing. You cannot force motivation upon someone, especially if all you do is bark orders or dangle penalties over someone’s head. The most effective way to motivate is to lead by example and do things the way you want them done. When you are visible in the day-to-day operations and your actions and decisions all point towards achieving high-quality results, this will not go unnoticed. Your behaviors and decisions will hopefully serve as the template that others can use to stay focused on their goals. 

Use Positive Reinforcement as Motivation

If you want to motivate a friend to adopt a healthier lifestyle or to get out of a bad relationship, remind them of the potential rewards. Positive reinforcement, whether it’s something that can be enjoyed right away or one that is delayed, can be enough for a person to take the first step towards a better life. It may also be the missing piece for a person who has lost the motivation to continue towards a goal. Even the simple act of reminding a person of their “why” can bring their motivation back to the forefront and push them to carry on. 

Anyone can drop encouraging one-liners in an attempt to help someone who has lost the will to press on toward a goal. However, it takes intention and the right strategies to motivate and get the desired results. Take note of the tips above and see how effectively you can motivate your friends, loved ones, and employees.

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