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Tony Robins Lion Member

Ryan Zofay became Tony Robin’s Platinum Lion Member in 2019 and considers this one of his greatest sources of inspiration. This membership is exclusive and limited to only one hundred and fifty serious players worldwide—each committed to living at a level few ever imagine and even fewer attain.

This membership has given Ryan direct access to Tony’s mentorship and networking capabilities with many of the world’s leading industry influencers and icons. What Ryan has learned from the unique experiences he shares during meetings, trips, and seminars with this group is seen throughout his organization and correlates with the value provided at the We Level Up events.  

With a Platinum Lion Membership, Ryan is invited on incredible once in a lifetime distinctively themed adventures, unlimited attendance to Tony Robbin’s personal development live events, ultimate master coaching, the complete library of Tony Robbin’s multi-media, guest tickets to Unleash The Power Within, incredible networking opportunities and group charity contributions.

Most importantly, from his experiences with Tony Robbin and his team, Ryan has brought the same teachings into his organization and allowed his support staff to attend personal development events that help them in their everyday life. However, Ryan’s ultimate goal is to facilitate a culture at, We Level Up, driven by continual work to better oneself and support each other. 

Since becoming a Lion Member, Ryan has traveled nationwide to meet with world leaders, notable entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, models, designers, and more. Therefore, this membership is so exclusive that one must go through a rigorous application process and continue to be personally invited into the group annually. 

Another incredible initiative of the Lion Membership is community service. Much like Ryan, Tony Robbins greatly supports critical caring, education, and inspirational resources. He uses this membership to connect members with what is most near and dear to him. Each year more than 75 homeless shelters, 750 prisons, 2,000 schools, and 200,000 families across 11 nations are the beneficiaries of The Anthony Robbins Foundation. 

The Adventures

As expected, becoming a part of Platinum Partner Lion Member has been an incredible experience for Ryan. Below are some highlights from his favorite moments, exclusive benefits, and experiences for members.

  1. Exclusive Events: Lion Members may have access to exclusive live events, seminars, or workshops conducted by Tony Robbins or other notable speakers. These events may cover various personal development topics, including leadership, goal setting, motivation, and wealth creation.
  2. VIP Treatment: Lion Members may receive special treatment and priority access to Tony Robbins’ programs, products, and services. This could include preferential event seating, dedicated customer support, and exclusive one-on-one coaching or mentoring opportunities.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Membership programs often foster community among like-minded individuals. Lion Members may have the chance to connect and network with other high-achieving individuals from various backgrounds, sharing insights and experiences and creating potential business or personal connections.
  4. Educational Resources: Lion Members may gain access to a library of educational resources, such as e-books, audio programs, or online courses explicitly curated for personal development and success. These resources may provide valuable knowledge and strategies for personal growth and achievement.
  5. Ongoing Support: Members of the Lion Member program may receive ongoing support and accountability through regular check-ins, mastermind groups, or mentoring sessions. This support can help individuals stay focused, motivated, and accountable as they work towards their goals.

The Knowledge

As a Platinum Partner Lion Member, Ryan can expect to gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources related to personal development, success strategies, and peak performance. Tony Robbins is known for his expertise in these areas and has a long history of delivering compelling content to his audiences.

The knowledge you can gain as a Platinum Partner Lion Member may include the following:

  1. Advanced Strategies: Tony Robbins may share specialized strategies, techniques, and insights that go beyond what is covered in his public events or general programs. These strategies could cover leadership, wealth creation, relationships, health, and personal mastery.
  2. Exclusive Content: Platinum Partner Lion Members may have access to exclusive content, including recordings of private seminars, workshops, or presentations by Tony Robbins. This can provide you with additional insights and perspectives that are not readily available to the general public.
  3. Personalized Coaching and Feedback: Platinum Partner Lion Members often have the opportunity to receive personalized coaching and feedback from Tony Robbins or his team. This can help you address specific challenges or obstacles you may be facing and receive guidance tailored to your circumstances.
  4. Networking and Community: Being a part of the Platinum Partner Lion Member program can provide access to a like-minded community of high-achievers. This networking opportunity can allow you to connect, collaborate, and learn from other successful individuals in different industries or fields.