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About Ryan Zofay

Who is Ryan Zofay?

Ryan Zofay is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He teaches personal development strategies that improve performance, connection, and mindset.

Using the teachings of his successes and failures, Ryan uniquely facilitates profound change for individuals and organizations.

Ryan Zofay’s Coaching

Ryan Zofay is the founder of the Ryan Zofay Coaching Center and the We Level Up coaching events.  Designed to produce an undiscovered part of your identity and unleash your full potential.  The Ryan Zofay Coaching Center is proud to support powerful weekend workshop experiences.  

Have you ever wondered why it feels like life is slipping through our fingers? Or maybe how some days everything goes wrong while others feel so good?  But the good days don’t last very long anyway!  We all have regrets when we wake up each morning- but what if there was something more than this cycle where YOU control your destiny?  Instead of being controlled by outside forces or circumstances beyond your control. 

The Ryan Zofay Coaching Center offers answers and robust solutions for today’s most pressing issues facing Americans, including life stressors and finding the motivation and connections to grow continuously.  Tune in to Ryan Zofay’s inspirational accolades coupled with real teachable techniques to improve your life, career, relationships, and more.

Ryan Zofay’s Passions & Purpose

Ryan lives for pivotal moments. He has used his history to create change so significant in his own life he became inspired to help others too. Ryan has been studying his mentors, Tony Robins, and Grant Cardone, for the past several years and has dedicated nearly 1500 hours to personal development training. 

Ryan Zofay, a Proven Entrepreneur

Ryan Zofay founded We Level Up Treatment Centers Personal Development Events. 

We Level Up liberates us from the mental chains that bind us and enable us to operate thoroughly. Have you ever wondered why you’re always living the same patterns over and over, ending up feeling like a victim or making the same choices that always lead to stress, anguish, and inevitable upset? We Level Up offers not an answer but a solution to these grave dilemmas that face us daily. 

Ryan Zofay’s Community Values

Ryan feels best when he can contribute to those around him. In the last years, he has partnered to give back to HomeSafe, H3 (raising 50k), and has begun offering the HOPE scholarship for those suffering from Substance Use Disorder without the resources to go to treatment.

About Ryan

Ryan Zofay is most passionate about sharing his practical lessons that change lives. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he teaches development strategies that improve performance, connection, and overall mindset.

Ryan Zofay, and his businesses, including the We Level Up series, Holistic Treatment Center, and others, are defined by the type of growth that comes from overcoming obstacles. Mr. Zofay has grown from a man whose life has been marked by hardship to a business leader in South Florida, passionate about providing the same healthcare delivery to patients in the region that he himself benefited from in the past. After getting involved with Holistix, he has grown it into the comprehensive addiction treatment center it is today.

Ryan’s Humble Beginnings and Bio

Like many of us, Ryan is no stranger to feelings of pain and failure. At age 5, he lost his sister to Alexander Disease, his parents divorced shortly after as he watched his mother’s grief fall victim to drug addiction and the domestic abuse of her new suitors. Trying to manage his grieving, he often felt unloved, unsafe, and as if he couldn’t protect himself or his mother. Eventually, under her influence, he began experimenting with drugs to cope.

Born and raised in a high crime area, Ryan’s drug use led to dropping out of the 7th grade and falling into the wrong crowd. By the time he was 16, he had been in and out of juvenile detention for two years and faced twenty-one felony charges.

While incarcerated, Ryan’s mother found sobriety and began advocating for him through the court system. He was released, and on October 6th, 2001, Ryan lost his life due to addiction. Ryan got into a car accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. Through nothing short of a miracle, he was awoken three days later from a coma and began sobriety on October 9th, 2001.

For the next sixteen years, Ryan got his high school diploma, worked with his father, navigated his way through several different industries, pursued greed, and was in and out of unsuccessful relationships. Ryan found himself feeling incomplete and knew he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose. In 2012 Ryan got sued by the FTC and found himself miserable.

This was the first time Ryan truly wanted to change his story. He moved his business to a different industry and began investing in himself, his education and trying to find ways to impact the world positively. Though life started to improve, he still had overwhelming feelings of shame and limiting beliefs he learned growing up. He felt that he wasn’t good enough, didn’t belong, and didn’t deserve any good that came into his life. Ryan closed the biggest deal of his life, and on the surface, everything appeared great, but all of his limiting beliefs came up on the drive home. This is when Ryan began to understand happiness is an inside job.

Ryan gave every ounce of his being to find a way to become the person he envisioned himself being. He completed about 1500 hours of personal development training and experiential therapy workshops.

Ryan began implementing personal development principles, rituals, and routines into his organizations. Quickly he saw an extraordinary change in morale, effective leadership, team connection, and overall performance. He saw the power of healing through vulnerability and built personal bonds with members of his team and community he wouldn’t otherwise have.

Walking into 2020, Ryan found where he belonged. Alongside his business partner Adam Roth, Ryan created an environment to introduce these practices on an individualized level to the community and other organizations called We Level Up which is in the drug and alcohol industry. We Level Up operates 162 inpatient beds in Florida and New Jersey and is looking to grow. We Level Up also offers a personal development program capable of healing and inspiring individuals to grow to their fullest potential.

Ryan’s goal is to create a world where everyone can wake up empowered, know they are enough, feel safe, and be fulfilled by their lives. Ryan is living a life of purpose and, through all of his experienced, learned if you’re not living every day with a sense of purpose, then you’re not living.


Ryans driving force is knowing that his life changed when he discovered that he was living a life subconsciously, and through experiential work, he was able to turn his unconscious beliefs into conscious opportunities. He began implementing personal development principles, rituals, and routines into his organizations. Quickly he saw an extraordinary change in morale, effective leadership, team connection, and overall performance. He saw the power of healing through vulnerability and built personal bonds with members of his team and community he wouldn’t otherwise have.

He dreams of making this change possible for every person who has ever felt like they weren’t enough, like they weren’t safe, like they didn’t belong, or weren’t smart enough.

Ryan and his partners have created an environment to introduce these practices individually to the community and other organizations. This practice has created a fellowship of women and men that strive to connect, heal, and motivate each other.


A fun, playful, and supportive environment where people can belong

  • You can achieve a goal faster when there’s more than one
  • In a community, there’s always a hand to help you out.
  • Choose relationships that keep you better and accountable.
  • Even when you’re going through hell, you’re not alone.
  • Serving someone is the most humbling act of kindness.

Anything is possible with perseverance and courage.

  • There’s always a way out, no matter what you’re going through.
  • Education isn’t the answer to success – action is.
  • To change your reality, you must first shift your beliefs.
  • Miracles will happen, but you have to be willing to show up.
  • The only limits you have are the limits you put on yourself.

You deserve to enjoy your most authentic self.

  • When you’re in your heart, you can experience true joy.
  • When you stop holding back, you’re free to be yourself.
  • Truly love yourself so you can give that to others.
  • In the face of darkness, look for light.
  • You will achieve what you want when you’re unwilling to give up.
  • True accomplishment is setting an expectation and meeting that expectation.
Learn about Ryan Zofay author, speaker, internet sensation.


Ryan has taken his most profound life lessons and continues implementing them into everything he does. His current innovative focus is creating a coaching platform unlike anything else. Its purpose is to help inspire addicts to live their full purpose.  

He is working daily to make a difference in the world while taking some of his profits and giving them to the less fortunate.


  • Licensed interventionist.
  • Life Coach.
  • Business Coach.
  • Business Leader.

Through Ryan’s life of recovery, he’s learned how to be a licensed interventionist, and he still finds time to give back and help inspire whenever intervention is needed. Ryan is a member of and regularly attends leadership and growth training tracks like attending or participating in:

  • Tony Robbins events and seminars.
  • Exclusive Executive Level Lion Membership.
  • On-going coaching from world-class business, life, leadership, and development coaches.

Ryan started this process in August 2018, implementing all strategies he learned into his life, even though the outcomes seemed unattainable. Ryan has succeeded in this endeavor and was coached by Tony Robbins personally.

NLP Practitioner

Tony Robbins is Ryan’s mentor and started his NLP career. Ryan believes incorporating this into We Level Up will help expand its success as it did with Tony’s programs.

Charitable Giving

Founded in the United States, Make A Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to children (aged between three and seventeen years) suffering from severe medical conditions. The charitable organization operates in 47 countries worldwide through 36 affiliate offices. Since its inception, the organization has helped over 250,000 children worldwide. Its volunteers serve as fundraisers, wish granters, special event assistants, and several other capacities. There are 4 steps to granting wishes at Make a Wish Foundation, and every step builds on the next to create a fantastic experience that delights children and their families.

Ryan Zofay lost his sister to Alexander’s disease, prompting him to help others with serious medical conditions. He is associated with Make A Wish Foundations and receives considerable yearly donations to help terminally ill children. He is also active in the recovery community and provides them housing, food and financial support.

Ryan Zofay is a generous individual and provides personalized attention to each of his clients. He treats them as he would treat his own family, with care and respect. In his free time, he loves to play baseball and go fishing. Moreover, he also provides baseball coaching to the little league.