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Discover Ryan’s Secret Sauce to ROAS Growth for the we level up Rehab Centers

Unleash Massive Growth: ROAS Blueprints for Your Rehab Center Business

Attention Rehab Center Owners & Executives

Calling all owners, investors, and leaders in the business of addiction, mental health, and other behavioral health centers! We’re here to give you the blueprint* to power up your rehab center’s growth. We’ll dive into the heart of your Call Center to help you ignite a transformation toward a fresh start with unmatched growth potential. Imagine having a Sales Manager who isn’t just an ordinary hired employee but also perfectly trained for your behavioral center’s needs. That’s precisely what we aim to offer.

We help a select few clients. We don’t just help interview employees. Instead, we can help train and shape them into integral team members who can propel your business to new heights. How do we do it? We’ve got a secret blueprint. Ryan Zofay and his powerhouse treatment center team have cracked the code to create an impressive ROAS* at the We Level Up Behavioral Centers network. Unlock the blueprint for an innovative, groundbreaking system. Discover the mind-blowing potential that your rehab Call Center has been waiting for.

Get help re-launching your rehab Call Center for revolutionized growth*. Discover how Ryan Zofay and his team did it. Get Ryan’s innovative, cutting-edge blueprint on how his team produced 5-10x ROAS at the We Level Up Treatment Centers.

* Results Not Guaranteed. Success depends on effort, drive, commitment, background, and other factors. Testimonials may not reflect typical outcomes. Seek professional advice before making financial decisions.

Boost Your Rehab Center Business to New Heights

Unearth the 5-10X ROAS Rehab Center Growth Blueprints that Ryan and the We Level Up treatment centers applied to grow from one facility to five, with another location coming soon. Step into an era of extraordinary transformation for your Rehab Center Business with strategies explicitly designed to suit the needs of behavioral health centers. Dive into advanced business management innovation with Ryan Zofay and team’s Growth Blueprints, tailor-made for behavioral health businesses like detox, substance abuse, and mental health centers. Embark on this journey today – because embracing growth has never been this exciting!

Meet Ryan Zofay: Your Expert Guide in Behavioral Health Rehab Centers

A Behavioral Health Rehab Centers expert, Ryan Zofay, is more than just a leader at We Level Up. He’s an industry trailblazer, eager to help elevate your practice to new heights. What can you gain from his expertise? Having refined his business model, he’s now ready to share a tried and tested formula to help:

  • Unlock his secret sauce to success in Behavioral Health Rehab Centers from a leader and investor point of view.
  • Transform your Rehab Center by learning from the best; tap into Ryan Zofay’s wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Maximize your potential in the growing Behavioral Health Rehab Centers by following Ryan Zofay’s footsteps.

With Ryan Zofay and We Level Up, you’re not just joining an exclusive members-only group; you’re embarking on a journey to redefine what success in scaling your Behavioral Health business can look like.

Revolutionize Your Rehab Center Business: Implement my tried-and-tested Growth Blueprints For ROAS Growth. Uncover the secret sauce of how we did it at We Level Up Treatment Centers, delivering a whopping 5-10X ROAS growth.

Ryan Zofay and the We Level Up treatment center’s dedicated staff embarked on a remarkable behavioral health business growth journey. Starting from a single location, their passion and dedication led to the establishment of five (about to expand to six) successful facilities across four states, spanning coast to coast. Through organic self-funded and angel investor growth, our organization cares for and supports:

  • 500 employees and their families
  • Serves thousands of individuals grappling with the challenges of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other intricate conditions.

Our team has been tirelessly perfecting our unique, successful business model for years. The result? We are thrilled to offer it to a select group of ambitious clients ready to seize the opportunity and dedicate themselves to realizing substantial growth in this industry. Join us to gain a competitive advance through our unique:

  • Success model tested and honed over almost 10 years.
  • Step-by-step blueprints.
  • Coaching, live events, seminars, videos, and instructions.
  • Private membership is available to a few ambitious clients primed for action.

This is a call to those ready to take action to grow our field in tangible ways. We’re excited to share this journey with you. We’re behavioral rehab center pros. Our team’s history of excellence includes:


Client success stories


Trained team members


Accredited rehab centers


Located in 4 states

From: Ryan Zoofay and team

Founder: We Level Up Personal Development LLC

Dear alcohol, drug, mental, and behavioral health rehab center owners, 

For almost 10 years, I’ve been working on a marketing & sales system to grow our behavioral rehab centers and scale them from $1 million to over $10 million towards $100 million and more in annual revenue.  We want to install the same marketing and sales system for a few rehab center business owners and executives who wish to scale their business by applying We Level Up’s time-tested 5-10X ROAS blueprint.

Everyone knows the fastest way to grow your rehab business is to have a proficient call center blueprint coupled with lead generation and strategic growth plans for your rehab treatment program. But almost no one knows how to do it systematically and profitably. We’ve broken it down into a step-by-step system that any other rehab facility could use to scale its business. Below are three crucial steps. Claim your call to learn about the many more steps you can take today.

Step 1: Hiring a High-Performance Sales Manager

The success of your rehab center and its backbone call center operations depends on the quality of the people running it. We have a process for vetting salespeople that will separate the natural high-performers from the dud applicants. More importantly, we have the system, tools, process, and training in place so your call center, alumni, and sales reps can learn to hit KPIs and work to deliver toward the ROAS blueprints we provide. Join us and relish in the hands-on coaching provided in your blueprint, plus exclusive member-only coaching sessions. 

Step 2: Flood Your rehab Center with Qualified Leads 

“Boots on the ground” marketing will only get you so far. We will train you and provide the blueprints to install our online marketing system to ensure the phone is hopping in your call center.  Unlike most marketing agencies, we’ve got real-world experience scaling rehab facilities. 

We don’t just dump a bunch of leads on you and blame you for being unable to close them. 

master growth

Step into a world of growth and expansion with Ryan Zofay! Indulge in engaging coaching sessions, informative videos, exciting events, and educational courses centered on fostering growth through call center optimization. Here’s what you can expect:

Call Center Success

Journey into the core of successful call center management with in-depth explorations of strategies and tactics.

Optimize sales

With our trained eye on sales optimization, we’ll help teach you to turbocharge your sales opportunities like never before.

Gain Wisdom

Absorb invaluable wisdom from the proven success of Ryan Zofay & the We Level Up Treatment Center network with a growth trajectory of 6 facilities vs. 2 just a couple of years AGO.

maximize impact

Benefit from our experience. Steer clear of common pitfalls. We’ll empower you with the know-how to skillfully navigate around potential obstacles.on

Join Ryan Zofay for coaching sessions, events, videos and courses, where we dive into growth through call center optimization and expansion to supercharge your rehab mental and addiction center sales. Learn from the We Level Up Treatment Center network success lessons and forgo errors to find a path through obstacles to your growth opportunities
Join Ryan Zofay for coaching sessions, events, videos, and courses, where we dive into growth through call center optimization and expansion to supercharge your rehab mental and addiction center sales. Learn from the We Level Up Treatment Center network success lessons and forgo errors to find a path through obstacles to your growth opportunities

Step 3: Ramping Up Your Sales Team to Hit KPI’s

We will work closely with your sales team. Our ROAS blueprints can help your team work towards achieving their targets every month. We’ll show them how to handle every call, how to follow up, and how to build referral partners so that you can drive the cost per acquisition. 

By tracking our KPI system, we will know if we are on track to hitting our monthly goals or if there is something we need to tweak to get there. 

Click the link below to book a call. We’ll walk you through our entire system and explain how it can help you grow your business 5-10x. 

There is a massive boom in the rehab treatment center industry, with many new businesses entering the market, including big institutions. If you want to capitalize on this growth and stay competitive, having an online marketing system backed by a proficient call center along with a marketing and business blueprint is an absolute must. 

It takes a certain type of business owner to scale to $10+ million in revenue and organize a $10+ million company, but if you are up for the challenge, we have the We Level Up Treatment Centers’ proven system that can provide the roadmap to help you get there. 

Ready to BUILD YOUR Rehab Center EMPIRE?

Welcome to the era of extraordinary transformation for your rehab center business! As the demand for behavioral health services continues to rise, rehab centers must adapt and grow to meet the needs of their communities. However, many rehab centers struggle with implementing effective growth strategies and plateau or even decline in their success.

That’s where Ryan Zofay and his team come in—with their Growth Strategy Blueprints, explicitly designed for behavioral health businesses. These blueprints can help your rehab center boost its growth and take it to unseen heights. Are you ready to dive into a world of innovation and unlock your business’s full potential? Let’s get started!

The Power of Behavioral Health Center Growth

In today’s competitive landscape, growth isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. For rehab centers, expansion isn’t merely about increasing the number of clients but also enhancing the quality of care, broadening the range of services, and elevating the overall patient experience. The importance of growth is multidimensional, impacting not only the viability of the center but also its capacity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those struggling with behavioral health issues.

With the right growth strategies in place, rehab centers can ensure they remain at the forefront of patient care and innovation, ready to meet the evolving needs of their communities. This commitment to growth and improvement signals to patients, families, and the broader community that your rehab center is a leader in the field, dedicated to providing top-tier care and support.

Unleash Your Potential: The Premier Behavioral Health Center Mastermind Program

Join the Game-changing Behavioral Health Center Business Mastermind Coaching Program. Led by industry expert Ryan Zofay and the We Level Up high-level executive team. We stand ready to help guide you through a transformative business growth and development strategy voyage.

Behavioral Health Center Business Mastermind Coaching Program offer

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. 52 Weekly Coaching Calls – A year’s business developmental sessions with Ryan and his team. Leverage our combined expertise to help transform from ordinary leaders into industry leaders.
  2. In In-Depth Treatment Center Manual – Over 200 professional documents that serve as your bible for business management. It’s your beacon of light in the complex world of behavioral health center management.
  3. Business Masterclass and Personal Development Seminars – Four 3-day masterclass seminars and three 2-day personal development seminars. These intense learning experiences are designed to fast-track your growth.
  4. Leverage Access to WLU’s Executive Team—Unprecedented access to our high-level executive team’s strategy and blueprints will give you an edge over competitors.
  5. 9-Figure Strategy Master Planning – We deliver proven and tested strategies that have generated 9-figure turnovers. It’s time to scale up!
  6. Weekly Leadership Meeting Template—Learn from our successful meeting formats, which ensure maximum productivity and team synergy.
  7. Catalog of Recorded Weekly Coaching Meetings – Learn quickly with our recorded coaching calls.
  8. Comprehensive KPIs, Policies, and Procedures—This document includes all essential protocols, policies, and procedures to run a thriving health center.
  9. Call Center Action Plan, Compliance, Collections, Legal – Everything you need to streamline your operations and stay compliant.
  10. New Facility Start Checklist, Quality Assurance Steps, Finance Management—Equip yourself with our meticulously crafted checklist to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  11. Internal Value Chains and HR Steps for Growth: Strategies to enhance internal processes and harness human capital for maximum growth.
  12. Our program encapsulates much of what you need to run and grow your Behavioral Health Center seamlessly. Join us and begin on the path to revolutionizing how you manage your business—the expert’s way!

Join the Behavioral Health Center Business Mastermind Coaching Program today to accelerate your business growth and leave your mark in the behavioral health industry.

Attracting Rehab Center Investors

Do you want to attract investors like a magnet? This isn’t about just showing them potential financial returns. It’s about showcasing that their money can make a difference. This unique investment strategy blends smart money-making with positive social and environmental impact.

Catch a glimpse of this strategy in action from the perspective of Ryan. He found that to borrow money successfully, he needed a lot more than just a solid plan. He needed a clear vision to align powerful financial outcomes with tangible positive change in our world. But this was just the beginning of his journey.

Can’t wait to uncover the rest of the story? Watch the video and dive into an investment world you never knew existed. Come on! Let’s embark on this journey together!

How do we attract rehab center investors?

Make a Difference to Gain Investor Appeal: The Win-Win Strategy for Rehab Centers

Are you ready to be the magnet that draws investors toward your rehab center? Aligning your strategic financial returns with tangible positive impacts is the secret sauce. By showcasing the positive outcomes of your work, you position your business as a pioneering force for both profits and progress. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Define Your Impact: Do words like sustainability, community, diversity, and inclusion resonate with your business ethos? Leverage them. Set quantifiable goals that reflect the social or environmental change your rehab center strives for. Show how your company orchestrates this transformation.
  2. Merge Impact and Business Strategy: Brew impact into your core business strategy. Woo your investors with the marriage of impact initiatives and long-term stakeholder value in your business model.
  3. Measure and Report Impact: A solid impact measurement and reporting framework is your best friend. It showcases the fruits of your initiatives, building trust with transparency and accountability.
  4. Connect with Stakeholders: In this journey of making a difference, your stakeholders are your partners. Listen to their needs, priorities, and feedback on your impact initiatives and demonstrate unswerving dedication to meeting their expectations.
  5. Approach Impact Investors: Impact investment funds and social impact investors are always scouting for businesses that twin financial profits with positive impact. Become their go-to choice.
  6. Narrate Your Impact Story: Who doesn’t love a good story? Weave a compelling narrative about your ethos, values, and impact journey for your investors. Use the power of data, storytelling, and personal anecdotes to paint a vivid picture of the difference your business is making and why investors need to join this journey.

Creating a positive impact is not just good karma; it’s great for business! So let’s get started.

BluePrint to Tailored Strategies

One size does not fit all when it comes to growth strategies for rehab centers. Every business is unique, with its own set of strengths, challenges, and goals. Therefore, a cookie-cutter approach to growth won’t cut it. That’s where the 5-10X Growth Blueprints can come in. They are designed specifically for behavioral health businesses. These blueprints take into account your rehab center’s individual needs and circumstances. With tailored strategies, you can ensure that your growth efforts are focused and effective, leading to tangible results for your business.

Ryan’s Multimillionaire Transformation

Zofay’s captivating book is your first-class ticket to his life-altering roller-coaster ride. It’s an epic saga that navigates through the stormy seas of life’s battles to the prosperous shores of success and financial freedom.

Ryan Zofay Author An Unlikely Businessman From overdosed to multimillionaire and America;s masterclass business coach to exceptional growth.
Ryan Zofay, Author, An Unlikely Businessman From Overdosed to Multimillionaire.

Journey with Ryan Zofay in his transformative book and transition from chaos to victory. In this riveting narrative, Zofay unveils his raw truth. From finding himself in the grueling trenches of despair and battling addiction, he overcomes these overwhelming obstacles through sheer willpower, guidance, and wisdom.

Ryan’s Business Coaching Reviews

Watch the reactions of participants in Ryan’s master coaching events. If you’re wondering if Ryan’s masterclass is worth it, see what authentic attendees say. Get ready to feel energized, motivated, and inspired just like these testimonials:

  • “I’m so stoked to be here.”
  • “I came all the way here from California.” (traveled across the country).
  • “So excited to be here.”
  • “I’m pumped up today.”
  • “I’m ready to level up with Ryan.”
  • “Excited for this energy.”
  • “I’m pumped Up. Ready to go.”
  • “I’m here to learn from the best.”

Limited Rehab center clients accepted

As a rehab center owner or leader, you have a vision for what you want your business to be – a beacon of hope and healing for those struggling with behavioral health issues. But the practical aspects of running a business often overshadow this vision, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. With the Behavioral / Mental / Substance Abuse Center Growth Strategy Blueprints, you can begin to unlock your rehab center’s full potential and bring your vision to life. These blueprints provide actionable strategies and offer guidance and support to help you navigate business growth challenges. With Ryan Zofay and his team by your side, you can confidently apply smart tested strategies to take your rehab centers to their fullest potential.

Welcome to the We Level Up Network

Step into the exhilarating world of the We Level Up Treatment Centers Network, the innovative brainchild of Zofay and his dynamic team. This isn’t just an organization. It’s a living, breathing canvas of success that paints a dazzling tale of entrepreneurial triumph. From humble beginnings, the spark of initial ideas, and heady investor partnerships, this organization has evolved into a mighty powerhouse delivering millions in revenue. Each milestone reached, each success story told, is a ringing endorsement of Zofay’s unique methodology. It’s a tangible testament to his hands-on teachings and unwavering commitment to creating impactful change.

From a fledgling entrepreneur to the maestro behind seismic industry shifts, Zofay doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk. He leads by example, not just through flourishing sales that reflect prosperity but through action that breeds transformation. This is more than business – it’s a mission, a purpose that drives and fuels him, creating a resonant echo with the impressive work his team has already engineered.

Welcome to our reality, a world where success is measured not just in figures but in transformed lives and visions realized.

Awaken Your Inner Power with Zofay’s Coaching

Has life tangled you up in a storm of struggles? Are you fighting self-doubt, addictive habits, or even feeling adrift? Now is the time for a life-changing transformation. Harness the power of personal and business growth to discover the hidden strength within you. It’s time to turn the page to a brighter, prosperous future with Ryan Zofay. Are you ready to light the fire of your potential? Dive headfirst into Ryan Zofay’s invigorating tale, a living testament to the power of determination, resilience, and unwavering tenacity. His extraordinary story reveals his grueling fight against addiction and his ultimate transformation.

Zofay’s narrative is a beacon of hope, reminding us how seeking help, constant focus, and holding onto dreams, even when the going gets tough, can drive recovery. His journey clears a path for others battling similar predicaments, demonstrating that with unwavering commitment, a supporting network, and a strong sense of purpose, one can overcome addiction, take back life’s reins, and surpass all expectations.

Embarking on this remarkable personal revolution with Zofay, you’ll marvel at the tenacity of the human spirit and the endless opportunities that arise when you conquer life’s adversities. This inspiring story teaches us that there’s no finish line to determination, and with it, the peaks of our ambitions are within reach.

Act Now! Secure Your Blueprint For Growth!

Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold back your rehab center’s potential for growth any longer. It’s time to embrace the opportunities and take your business to the next level. With the 5-10X ROAS Growth Blueprints, you can embark on a transformation journey and unlock your rehab center’s full potential. So why wait? Start implementing these growth strategies today and see your business soar!

So, let’s take this exciting step into the world of innovation together with Ryan Zofay and his team. Implement the steps for improvements and continue the work toward your rehab center thriving like never before. Let’s begin this journey of growth today! Let the We Level Up Growth ROAS Blueprints lead the way for your rehab center to reach its full potential. Are you ready? Let’s go!

It’s time for your rehab center to embark on a journey of extraordinary transformation with Ryan Zofay’s Growth Blueprints to addiction center or mental health center growth. These tailored strategies will help your business grow and reach new heights while signaling to patients and the community that you are dedicated to providing top-tier care. So don’t wait any longer – embrace growth today! With Ryan Zofay and his team by your side, the possibilities for your business can be endless. Let’s take this exciting next step into the world of innovation together to spur your rehab center to thrive like never before!

* Results Not Guaranteed. Success depends on effort, drive, commitment, background, and other factors. Testimonials may not reflect typical outcomes. Seek professional advice before making financial decisions.

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* Results Not Guaranteed. Success depends on effort, drive, commitment, background, and other factors. Testimonials may not reflect typical outcomes. Seek professional advice before making financial decisions.