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Uncover How to win friends and influence people in 5 days. Master Speaking & Influence To Help Close Deals.

Unlock profits, lead, persuade, and influence to close more deals. Transform business teams. Join our speaker leader influencer challenge. Speak with authority, lead with impact, and accelerate your speaking success in 5-days.

Limited VIP reservations are left: Discover Ryan Zofay’s secrets to becoming an influential leader and speaker in just 5-days.


Have you ever dreamed about influencing and persuading while leading others? Are you eager to discover foolproof strategies to broaden your impact? Do you seek greater profits as a trusted leader, speaker, and business person? Now, it’s time to recast that dream into a powerful reality! We’re thrilled to invite you to our high-impact 5-Day Speaker Leader Influencer Challenge. This is an incredible opportunity to equip yourself with successful leaders’ tools to influence change, command authority, trust, and respect.

Ignite Profit Possibilities: Free Your Voice TO Persuade and Connect!

Adapt, grow, and become the leader and master speaker you’re destined to be! Secure a VIP Pass for a nearly unbelievable price of $49! This pass gives you an extra 5-hours to build knowledge and get guidance and inspiration. But act quickly. The VIP exclusive offer is as elusive as the skills you’re about to acquire. It’s available for a select few reservations. Secure your spot now before this opportunity disappears.

Join the 5-Day Speaking and Leadership Challenge led by Ryan Zofay

August 5 to August 9, 2024, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM for VIP (bonus 5 extra hours); from 1:00 to 2:00 PM for general admissions (exclude bonus VIP hours). We Level Up Personal Development X Ryan Zofay Seminar. Join online via a convenient Zoom webinar.


Five-day Challenge to Speaker Leader Influencer Tickets
Master the Art of Speaking & Lead Like a Pro in Just 5 Days


VIP ticket for just $49. Get an extra whopping 5 hours of once-in-a-lifetime learning. Watch virtually from the comfort of your home or office.


FREE ticket virtual option. Remember, with the VIP admission, you don’t have to miss out on an extra five hours for only $49 (that equates to just $10 and hour).

Master the Art of Leadership & Speaking: Uncover how to win friends and influence people.

Attend Ryan Zofay’s transformative five-day challenge to master the art of leadership and speaking! In just five days, discover Ryan Zofay’s secrets on how to become an influencer and high-impact leader-speaker.

Unlock your business’s potential. Inspire your audience. Transform lives.

Accelerate your personal, professional, and business growth by immersing yourself in our live event. Discover Ryan’s secret sauce on how to win friends and influence people in business, socially, and otherwise. Allow this to be the door opener to a new world of limitless possibilities for dynamic relationships.

Our highly interactive leadership event and speaking webinar will equip you with the timeless principles of Dale Carnegie’s iconic book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dive into a unique blend of knowledge and application, opening doors to exceptional communication skills, enhanced confidence, and powerful influence principles of success.

Are you ready to change the world with your influence? Let’s ignite the power of your voice, brand, and business story!

VIP Admission Bonus of 5 Hours Plus Much More

Get your VIP Bonus Unlocked! Take a decisive step towards unlocking your full potential. More than just 5 Bonus Hours! As a VIP member, you gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources beyond the standard 5 bonus hours:

  • VIP Private Group Session: Connect and collaborate with other ambitious leaders in an intimate setting.
  • Live Q&A with Ryan Zofay: Get your burning questions answered directly by the 9-figure success expert himself.
  • Ryan’s Trade Secrets Revealed: Gain access to Ryan’s proven strategies and insights, which have helped him build his multi-million dollar organization.
  • Personal Stories for Inspiration: Learn valuable lessons from Ryan’s journey to success and apply them to your path.

This VIP experience goes beyond the content – it’s about building a supportive community and gaining direct access to the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.


Get ready to unlock your inner leader and become a powerful speaker who inspires action. This 5-Day Speaker Challenge is your roadmap to achieving just that. Throughout this intensive workshop, we’ll delve into the key areas that will transform you from an aspiring speaker to a captivating leader who can charm audiences, deliver impactful messages, and build a thriving brand.

Get ready to master the psychology of leadership, unlock the power of transformational communication, craft irresistible offers, and learn proven strategies for closing deals and capturing prospects. This is your chance to enter the spotlight and become the speaker you were always meant to be!

Here’s some of what we will cover:

DAY 1: Psychology of a Leader

Understanding the Psychology of a Leader:

                •              Learn How to Adopt a 9-Figure Mindset

                •              Identify and Become Your Future Self

                •              Manage Your Emotional State

DAY TWO: Transformational Communication

Transformational Communication:

                •              Learn How to Unblock Your Old Belief Systems

                •              Transform Your Life to Transform Others

                •              Understanding the Science Behind Language

DAY THREE: Offer Creation

Offer Creation:

                •              Learn How to Extract Your Premium Value Offer

                •              Quantify Your Premium Value Offer

                •              Monetize your Premium Value Offer

DAY FOUR: Make The Offer

Making The Offer:

                •              The Offer You Don’t Make is the Offer They Can’t Take

                •              How to Make the Ask for Millions Selling from Stage

DAY FIVE: Capturing Prospects by Building Your Brand

Capture Prospects by Building Your Brand:

                •              Generating Leads

                •              Become the Expert in Your Space

                •              Offer Positioning

                •              Creating Quality Content

                •              Speaking on Stages + Podcasts

If you’ve already gotten your VIP access – Congratulations on joining our exclusive VIP club!

To the champions who have already joined as VIPs, we congratulate you on investing in your future success! For those still on the fence, don’t wait—change your world today.

Spark your personal, professional, and business growth by diving headfirst into a live event that will forever alter how you connect with people – Ryan’s unique brand of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. Let us guide you to unprecedented heights of communication skills, confidence, and influential prowess.

This highly interactive leadership event and speaking webinar isn’t just a learning opportunity. It’s a transformation experience. Immerse yourself in the timeless principles of success and amplify your influence.

Are you ready to shake up the world with your voice and brand story? Let’s ignite your power and impact together as VIPs!

Maximize Your Profitability: Discover the Power of Influential Leadership!

Welcome to our exclusive 5-day workshop webinar, where creators and marketers from around the globe unite to learn, share, and maximize their digital potential. Did you ever dream about something more than just growing your following? What about transforming your audience’s love into revenue? Well, now you can turn this dream into reality. Learn from a top content creator and marketer who can engage his audience to help them monetize their love to connect. Ryan is doing it, and it’s your turn now!

Are you a creator? Then, delve into the secrets of growth, engagement, and monetization without ever compromising your brand. Uncover new strategies to take your brand to the next level while staying true to your unique voice! Are you a marketer? Then, unlock the power of advanced social media communications strategies to help drive exponential business growth. Learn new ways to optimize and convert – turning followers into customers and customers into ambassadors!

Find out how to speak to engage your audience instantly, on a large scale, and still maintain that crucial human touch. In a world where interaction is currency – you’ll gain the tools to reach for riches beyond your wildest dreams. Discover the added benefits of our VIP members’ Town Halls and Live Q&As. Get a chance to ask your burning questions directly to Ryan. Gain insights, tips, and tricks right from the horse’s mouth – the expert who’s been there has done that.

Join us and monetize and optimize like a leading world-stage pro. The world is waiting to hear your voice. Seize your opportunity now!

5-Day Challenge To Speak with Authority & Lead with Impact

Discover the art of inspirational public speaking to skyrocket your business and leadership. Learn to harness the power of a motivational speaker to influence, inspire, and raise profits! Join Ryan Zofay’s transformational public speaking classes to master the stage, captivating and inspiring audiences with high-impact messages. With our public speaking training, you can uncover some of the fastest ways to supercharge your life and business!

Uncover Ryan’s Secrets to Speaker, Leader, Deal Closer & Master Influencer in Just 5-Days!

Ryan exemplifies the pinnacle of excellence, mastering the art of influence and word-stage presence. His personal story of going from broke to multi-millionaire while ushering the growth of a nine-figure organization with 600 team members proves he is a master at closing deals.

With an unyielding dedication to unparalleled performance, Ryan knows firsthand what it takes to earn and maintain the tallest levels of achievement, functioning at a level of excellence few people have ever undergone. An inventive and visionary leader, top-selling author, mindset master, and trigger for growth, Ryan gives awe-inspiring and transformative messages to people worldwide, inspiring individuals and teams to reach privileged performance levels.

Unlock the secret to peak speaking and leading performance with Ryan’s transformational keynote! Experience a masterclass in innovation, agility, and trust that empowers ordinary people to reach new heights of excellence. Get ready to fuel your performance engine and soar towards unprecedented success. Let Ryan guide you on this development journey, and watch as you begin to evolve, innovate, and achieve beyond boundaries. Ready to lead your team and business to the pinnacle of success? Welcome to Ryan’s speaker keynotes, your gateway to excellence!

Have you heard of the How to Win Friends and Influence People book? Well, Ryan and his team cover it all. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your speaking and leadership skills with Ryan Zofay’s 5-Day Challenge. Register now. Uncover how to influence people as a speaker and leader to how to become an influencer extraordinary!
Have you heard of the How to Win Friends and Influence People book? Well, Ryan and his team cover it all. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your speaking and leadership skills with Ryan Zofay’s 5-Day Challenge. Register now. Uncover how to influence people as a speaker and leader and become an extraordinary influencer!

Discover How to Spread Your Message Across Any Stage in Just 5 Days…

Even if you’ve never spoken on a grand stage in your life, our tactics can propel you to realize your dreams. Welcome! My name is Ryan Zofay, a seasoned speaker and thought leader. I am delighted to present you with a unique training program. We’ve helped individuals like you land talks on “The World’s Biggest Stages.”

Join us and learn the transformative power a 15-minute talk can have on your life, your business, your legacy, and the impact you can imprint on this world. We will share with you the successful methodology we have used to aid numerous clients in landing a talk at the pinnacle of all stages and disseminating their heartfelt messages to thousands of people.

Ever wondered what goes on “inside the mind” of an event organizer when choosing speakers? We provide an exclusive look at exactly what they are searching for. Moreover, we teach you how to position yourself to be selected uniquely.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a diverse group of successful clients from various backgrounds who successfully implemented these strategies. They’ve managed to land their talks, transforming the realms of their lives, their businesses, and their legacy. Join us, and the next success story could be yours!


Experience Ryan’s passionate delivery to ignite high performance and foster achievement with gratitude.


Enjoy behind-the-scenes stories and feel the crowd’s roar as you watch Ryan’s exclusive in-action workshop.


Equip yourself & your team with ready-to-use success tools. Discover Mindset, Speaker, & leader success tips to level up.

“Ryan is the BEST SPEAKER I HAVE EVER SEEN! He prepares well and weaves in charisma, charm, facts, figures, and how-to that motivate, inspire, and provide the path we crave to grow into something bigger than ourselves.”

Less Shapira

“I’m on a mission to help teach how to win friends and influence people. If you want to learn the tricks of the trade and how to become an influencer like me, join me for just 5 days. Get the low down on how to influence people through speaking and leadership.”

Get Help to Achieve Sales Success: Elevate Your Influence at Our Dynamic Workshop!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to amass invaluable insights into navigating social and professional landscapes, creating lasting impressions, winning people over, and ultimately influencing others effortlessly. Don’t just read about it. Experience the transformation. Secure your spot today for our extraordinary event and start your journey to becoming a magnet of positivity, charm, and influence.

Advance with Ryan’s skills-building exercises. Discover, nurture, and grow your:

Boost Your Business & Personal Impact: Drive Sales and Influence with Persuasion, Oration, and Leadership!

Uncover How to Become an Influencer!

Do you struggle with stage fright or lack the confidence to speak up in meetings? This challenge empowers you to speak with authority and project a strong leadership presence. Learn how to communicate effectively, build trust, and convey your message confidently.

  • Ditch the Stage Fright: Gain confidence and authority in your speaking.
  • Become a Powerful Leader: Learn how to inspire and lead with impact.
  • 5-Day Action Plan: Get a proven framework for immediate improvement.

Close More Deals & Master Influence: 5-Day Speaking Challenge for Leaders

Want to know how to win friends and influence people? Are you ready to take your leadership and communication skills to the next level? This challenge equips you with the tools to confidently present, inspire your team, and command attention. Gain the confidence and skills to become a leader who resonates with others. Join our 5-day challenge to master the art of leadership and speaking.

Reasons to Attend:

Transform your speaking and leadership skills

Join Ryan Zofay’s exclusive 5-Day Challenge on mastering the art of speaking and leadership. Use effective speaking and leadership strategies to elevate your communication skills, lead with impact, and propel your business to new heights.

How to win friends and influence people: Topics Covered

  1. The fundamentals of effective communication and leadership.
  2. Mastering the art of speaking as a leader.
  3. Strategies to grow and develop your business and team through impactful communication.
  4. Elevating your leadership presence and influence through speaking.
Join Ryan to uncover his secret sauce on how to make friends and influence people during our 5-day event.
Join Ryan to uncover his secret sauce on how to make friends and influence people during our 5-day event.

Enjoy interactive and engaging sessions with Ryan Zofay, renowned speaker and leadership expert. Get practical techniques and actionable tips to enhance your speaking and leadership skills.

Ignite Your Influence with Our Dynamic Leadership Event and Webinar!

Join us for a captivating leadership event and interactive speaking webinar designed to empower you with timeless wisdom. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that combines profound knowledge with practical application, unlocking the key to exceptional communication skills, heightened confidence, and the potent principles of success.

Shake Up Your Speaking Career with Our Speaker Influencer Program!

Struggling to scale your speaking business? Having a tough time getting in front of your target audience consistently? Join our exclusive Speaker Influencer Program and learn the tricks to become a PAID speaker!

Too many speakers grapple with significant challenges—finding suitable industry events, understanding the selection process, and negotiating payment terms can be daunting and time-consuming. Not to mention the struggle to assess their worth and ensure they’re paid accordingly.

But what if we told you there’s a solution?

Our program is specifically designed to help you overcome these common hurdles. With our support, you’ll learn to expedite opportunities, negotiate better, and capitalize on potential value opportunities. We’ll also teach you the best strategies to dazzle decision-makers at speaking events.

It’s time to elevate your speaking career. Join our Speaker Influencer Program today and get paid for doing what you love!

Close Deals Like a Pro: Discover how to Amplify Your Influence at Our Leadership Workshop!

Eclipse The “How to Influence People” Book’s Techniques

Get personalized feedback and guidance to help you reach your full potential. Network with like-minded professionals. Access exclusive resources and tools to support your growth as a speaker and leader. Go beyond the how to influence people book’s pre-sets to get to the heart of closing more deals by mastering influence over co-workers and even third parties. Learn powerful speaking techniques for sales success. Gain actionable steps to see results in your sales conversations.

Experience How to make friends and influence people with a Pro

Elevate your leadership presence. Learn to speak with authority and lead with impact, setting yourself apart as a dynamic and influential leader. Master the art of persuasion. Develop assertive communication skills that enable you to close more deals and influence outcomes in various situations. Benefit from personalized coaching. For maximum effectiveness, find expert guidance and feedback to refine your speaking style and leadership approach. Enjoy interactive learning while you engage in hands-on activities, group discussions, and practical exercises to enhance your speaking and leadership capabilities.

Enjoy the benefits of learning how to influence people positively:

Join Ryan and learn how to become an influencer in just five days! Grab your ticket now before they are gone. Limited passes are still available.

Become A Dynamic Leader and Speaker!

Gain confidence in your ability to lead effectively and inspire others through compelling communication. Learn to speak with authority and gravitas, influencing others and driving successful outcomes. Master the art of persuasion and negotiation, closing more deals and achieving tremendous success in sales and business. Challenge yourself to push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and unlock your potential as a leader and speaker. Apply the skills and strategies learned during the challenge to your professional and personal life, seeing immediate results and impact.

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that will equip you with the tools and mindset to excel as a confident and influential leader. Learn to speak with authority and lead with impact, setting yourself apart as a dynamic and influential leader. Develop assertive communication skills that enable you to close more deals and influence outcomes in various situations. Benefit from expert guidance and feedback to refine your speaking style and leadership approach for maximum effectiveness.

Join us for the “5-Day Challenge to Master the Art of Leadership & Speaking” and unlock your potential to speak with authority, lead with impact, close more deals, and master influence in all aspects of your life.

Unlock Profitable Connections: Master Influence at Our Leadership Workshop!

Attain motivational speaker Skills To Amplify Your Influence and Income!

Are you looking to close more deals and elevate your leadership skills? Want to know Ryan’s untold secrets on how to win friends and influence people? This challenge equips you with the tools to win over clients, deliver compelling presentations, and become a leader in your field. Master the art of persuasion, negotiation, and confidently closing the deal.

More Benefits & Reasons to Attend:

Ryan has graced some of the most influential stages around the globe.

Transform Your Leadership Style to Drive Sales: Join Our Exclusive Workshop!

Are you prepared to make a lasting impact on the world through your influence? Let us harness the full potential of your voice, brand, and business narrative, propelling you toward unparalleled success and significance!

Master the Art of Persuasion: Elevate Your Influence to help Boost your potential Profits! Uncover how to:

Step into unparalleled influence with our exclusive leadership event and immersive speaking webinar experience. Join us to help emerge equipped with a profound understanding of effective communication, unwavering confidence, and the transformative power of influence.

Embark on a journey to unleash the full potential of your business. Command attention, inspire change, and shape lives through compelling storytelling and impactful leadership. Are you prepared to ignite a ripple effect of positive change in the world? Let us guide you in harnessing the undeniable power of your voice, brand, and unique business narrative to create a lasting legacy of success and empowerment. Elevate your influence and revolutionize your impact today.

Ignite Your Sales Potential: Unleash Your Influence with Our Leadership Event!

Embrace the New Age of Influence and Impact!

Now is the perfect time for people, leaders, and managers across all businesses to amplify their influence. With more leaders and CEOs recognizing the importance of a diverse range of leadership perspectives in shaping business strategy, it’s time to elevate your impact.

Do you wonder how you can cast a more substantial professional influence, capture attention, and maintain critical relationships? Learn how to strategically leverage your position, making you and your suggestions more persuasive and impactful. Demonstrating your understanding of others’ viewpoints and interests creates a vibrant platform for your ideas to be heard, understood, and acted upon.

Imagine achieving the ideal “buy-in”. The roadmap to doing this begins with empathy – a conscious effort to listen and acknowledge others, even when you don’t agree. This synchronicity allows you to propel your agenda forward, further strengthening your influence.

Get ready to redefine success in our interactive, informative, and dynamic sessions. Master the art of articulating your vision and demonstrating its bottom-line benefits to your leaders and stakeholders. Add value to yourself and your organization, speak their language, and see the difference it makes.

Business is about human interaction, and powerful, purposeful communication is at the heart of it. Step into this new era of impact with new ideas and strategies to energize workplace relationships at all levels. Prepare to witness tangible, long-term results. Welcome to the future of leadership.

Seize the Opportunity: Enhance Sales Speaker Leader Influence Skills at Our Event!

Post Challenge: Join Ryan Zofay’s exclusive Speaker Leadership Coaching Program!

Take your communication skills beyond how to win friends and influence people to the extraordinary. Command attention and inspire audiences with newfound confidence. Don't just speak - resonate powerfully. Make the leap today and invest in your personal and professional development.
Unleash your potential beyond how to win friends and influence people. Ryan Zofay, an acclaimed motivational speaker, and his transformative public speaking and leadership program can help you realize how to become an influencer. This ground-breaking course doesn’t just teach you techniques; it arms you with a foolproof blueprint for growth and development in public speaking.

Summary of the Messages of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book

Here’s a summary of Dale Carnegie’s classic self-help book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”:

Published: 1936

Core message: The book provides principles for improving communication, building relationships, and becoming more influential.


  • Techniques in Handling People: This technique emphasizes avoiding criticism, giving honest and sincere appreciation, and arousing in the other person an eager desire.
  • Six Ways to Make People Like You: includes becoming genuinely interested in other people, smiling, remembering that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language, and talking in terms of the other person’s interests.
  • How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking: advises letting the other person save face, never criticizing, talking about the other person’s interests, and getting the other person to say “yes, yes” immediately.
  • Be a Leader. How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment: This includes starting with praise and honest appreciation, indirectly calling attention to people’s mistakes, talking about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person, and asking questions instead of giving direct orders.

Criticisms: Some criticisms target the book’s perceived superficiality and its focus on manipulation rather than authenticity.

Summary: Despite criticisms, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” remains popular, selling over 15 million copies worldwide. It offers practical advice on communication, social skills, and personal development.

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7 thoughts on “Uncover How to win friends and influence people in 5 days. Master Speaking & Influence To Help Close Deals.”

  1. Anyone else planning to attend this live? The interactive aspect of a program like this can be invaluable. Learning alongside others can be a great motivator.

  2. Love the concept of learning from Dale Carnegie’s wisdom in a modern context. His principles are timeless, but applying them in today’s world is key. Excited to see the program’s approach!

    1. Overcoming stage fright and delivering impactful presentations are among the core focuses of this program. Here’s how we can help:

      Understand Your Fear: We’ll examine the root causes of stage fright and equip you with techniques for managing anxiety.
      Build Confidence: Practical exercises and strategies will help you build confidence in your speaking abilities.
      Presentation Techniques: You’ll learn proven methods for crafting compelling presentations that engage your audience.
      Body Language & Delivery: We’ll discuss powerful nonverbal communication techniques for projecting confidence and connecting with your listeners.
      Practice Makes Perfect: The program incorporates opportunities to practice your presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment, receiving valuable feedback to refine your delivery.

      By the end of the challenge, you’ll feel more equipped to handle stage fright, deliver impactful presentations, and confidently share your message with any audience.

      ***Bonus Tip: We also recommend checking out our blog post The art of public speaking classes and leadership masterclass.

  3. Mastering speaking and influence seems like the ultimate power combo for closing deals. Is there a specific focus on sales techniques in this program, or is it more about building rapport?

    1. You’re right! Mastering speaking and influence is a powerful combination for closing deals. Our program focuses on both:

      Build Rapport: We’ll teach you how to connect with potential clients on a deeper level, fostering trust and understanding.

      Sales Techniques: You’ll learn proven techniques to effectively present your product or service, address needs, and guide clients towards a confident “yes.”

      Two-pronged approach: Building trust through rapport allows your sales techniques to land smoothly and resonate with your audience.

      This program equips you with the skills to present effectively and build genuine connections that lead to long-term client relationships.

  4. Wow, 5 days to learn how to win friends and influence people? Sign me up! Building stronger relationships is crucial for both personal and professional success. This sounds like a great way to fast-track those skills!

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