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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The brain recognizes what is comfortable and tends to pull us towards that comfort. This tells us that our needs for the time being have been met and it helps to limit how much stress we experience. However, remaining in your comfort zone for too long will hurt you more than help you. Here are some ways getting out of your comfort zone will benefit you.

You Will Develop a Better Stress Response

Our brains do not like stress. Trying new things, as well as learning new things, can trigger our stress response. Before we take a risk, we are likely to examine the potential outcomes of that risk, no matter how small this deviation is from our everyday life. Unfortunately, our brains are sometimes wired to just expect the worst. However, the worst rarely does happen. Instead, challenging ourselves and stepping outside of our comfort zone actually builds up our reactions to stressful situations. Once you start embracing trying new things you may not initially see as comfortable, you will start to realize that you can really handle anything that is thrown your way. The unexpected will suddenly start becoming more manageable and your comfort zone will expand, growing with you and the new things you are learning.

You Will Increase Your Productivity

When you are stagnant, your brain will start to get comfortable. This can really limit your productivity. You know that you are capable of achieving much more than where you are at and you will just need to tell yourself this in order to get a jump start. Staying in your comfort zone will only promote that you do the bare minimum to get by. While this feels good for the time being, you are actually limiting yourself in the long run. This could prevent you from accurately seeing how your life could be. In order to make progress and boost productivity, a bit of pressure can be good for you. Experiencing difficult or particularly challenging things can be an important drive to your overall success.

Reaching your comfort level can be a great achievement. But, everyone gets too comfortable eventually and regularly challenging yourself is what will drive you towards more success. Expanding what you know, boosting your productivity, and finding new ways to manage stress is what will set you apart and what can be accomplished by just simply challenging yourself to step outside of what is comfortable.

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