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Your Subconscious is Preventing You


“Nothing external is stopping you from achieving what you want, there’s always a way.” Motivational speaker Ryan Zofay said this at one of his talks and continued on to say, “and the only thing that is preventing you is your subconscious.”

We’ve all heard  the phrase, we are our biggest critic, but do you ever stop and wonder why that is? Why do we focus on the negative voice in our heads over the positive? Have we simply flicked our Jiminy Crickets off our shoulder and allowed the negative thoughts to control our success. 

We have to understand what exactly our subconscious mind is and how it works before we can control it. Have you ever been driving home from work and completely zoned out the entire ride? Somehow we don’t remember the trip but we made it home safely. When we repeat the same actions every day it becomes second nature.

When doing a simple task like walking, do you find yourself analyzing each step to ensure we won’t fall? The answer is no. Our subconscious is like our own built in autopilot. Unfortunately, this part of our brain is also wired to focus on the negative over the positive. Can this be preventing us from sucess and hapiness? 

Stop Focusing on Negative Subconscious Thoughts 

As much as your subconscious mind helps in day to day activities, such as walking or talking, it can be your biggest enemy. Sadly, in today’s society we all tend to focus on the bad rather than the good. It can be as simple as hating our bodies or not thinking we are good enough. When watching the news what do most of the stories focus on? I can tell you first hand it is not rainbows and butterflies or anything positive. 

Allowing your subconscious to focus on the negative can prevent you from achieving your goals. Instead of going to a job interview, you talk yourself out of it because you don’t think you’re good enough. You miss out on opportunities because you are giving these negative thoughts the power over your life.   

Your subconscious mind not only will focus more on your negative thoughts, but the negativity you hear from others. Everyone’s perception of beauty and wealth in the world today are these actors and musicians with more money than they can count. We idolize people like this and always compare ourselves and others’ success to theirs. We are setting ourselves and each other up for failure.

If Bob isn’t driving the latest and greatest model car, that means he is poor and not successful. If women don’t have a tiny waist and an abnormally big butt or boobs, like the Kardashians, they are ugly and fat. These misconstrued ideas of success is what is allowing our subconscious to only dwell on the negativity. We allow ourselves to focus on the tiny amount of negative comments received over the hundreds of positive ones. 

Avoid Self Sabotage

Self sabotage is the patterns and actions you subconsciously find yourself doing to prevent, or sabotage, your success. When getting mixed up in the mess of self sabotage you may ask yourself this question; why does this keep happening to me? The only valid explanation is, you. 

How many times have we all told ourselves, enough is enough we are going to start eating healthy and going to the gym. Come Monday we have thousands of excuses why we can’t make it to the gym and why fast food is the only option for dinner that night. This is a little thing I like to call self sabotage. 

It is easier for our brains to run and hide rather than to conquer the unknown. We are content with disappointing ourselves before we give anyone else the chance to. With this mindset we will never succeed, and yet again our negative subconscious mind has won. 

Unfortunately, without realizing all the ways we are self sabotaging ourselves we won’t be able to overcome it. Things like procrastination, putting the blame on others or walking away when things get tough are all forms of self sabotage. These are the ways our subconscious mind keeps us from experiencing disappointment from others, when in reality we are just disappointing ourselves. 

Don’t Settle for “Status Quo”

Going back to Ryan Zofay’s talk he gave, he speaks about our subconscious wanting us to play it safe. To go through life flying under the radar, and to live by the status quo. Instead of asking for that raise or promotion at work, just keep your head down and hope they don’t notice you. To succeed in life we need to break this stigma and stop living status quo.

The legend Babe Ruth once said, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Instead, use this fear to your advantage and let it ignite the fire in your soul for greatness. Fight your negative subconscious thoughts and turn them into something positive. A huge tool you can use to help conquer these thoughts is positive affirmations.  

Once we realize that our repetitive actions and thoughts make up our subconscious mind, we can use this knowledge to our advantage. Repeating positive affirmations to ourselves and implementing them into our daily routine can help transform our negative thoughts into positive. Tell yourself that you are smart, you will succeed and you are enough and with time you will start believing it.

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  1. “Don’t Settle for “Status Quo”….this is the very best advice I ever got, about 8 years ago. The status quo is a privilege of it’s own and that can only mean, a few other people will be excluded from enjoying it…something I can’t be a part of! Thanks for sharing.

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