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3 Simple Ways to Maintain Growth


Achieving growth can be a very difficult process. However, maintaining growth can be even more challenging for most people. There are a few day-to-day tips and methods to maintaining your growth once you’ve found it.

1.) Growth Is To Be Maintained – Not Just Obtained

We all know growth is difficult to find in the first place. Though, once it’s found, it needs to be maintained and kept up just like physical fitness or mental health. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself motivated and productive is to remember that reaching your goals is a process that never ends. Reaching your milestones is amazing, but always keep pushing yourself forward. The speed at which you reach your goals doesn’t matter. Keep moving forward no matter what speed you’re traveling at.

2.) Be Present

The idea of being present every day may seem difficult. But, being present is as simple as taking a moment to clearly see where you are in life. This simple reflection and clarity of your present-day situation can easily lead to thinking about how far you’ve come and all that you’ve grown and accomplished in that time. Growth never stops and neither should you. Give yourself a small moment each day to take a look around you and see where you are, who you are, and how far you’ve come.

3.) Stop Discrediting Your Growth

This may seem obvious, but many of us do this involuntarily on a daily basis. Seeing the situations that made you grow as “failures” is a huge, commonly made mistake. The difficult situations that pushed us down and made us get back up are monumental moments of our own growth. As a result of falling down, we rose to the occasion and were able to carry on. Falling down is not what you should take away from those difficult moments. Instead, focus on and validate your growth.

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