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Find Happiness by Living from Your Heart

Our large, human brains, capable of complex thought, are what carried us to our current stage in evolution. Abstract thinking helped us imagine situations that hadn’t yet occurred. These imaginary situations helped us plan and hunt and ultimately landed humans at the top of the food chain. Today it seems that our brains are overactive, making it more difficult to find happiness.

When there is so much to do and obligations to fulfill, everything seems stressful. It’s difficult to plan a simple lunch without feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many. How do we find happiness when our brains are constantly wondering about past events and worrying about future events? Well, it’s pretty simple, really.

One of the most important things that you can do for yourself today is to slow down and start living from your heart.

Stop leading with your head.
Our brains are obviously critical to our survival—that’s not up for debate. However, an overactive brain can hurt you more than help you. Worry, fear, stress, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions start in the brain. We are constantly consumed by “what ifs” and obligations. In this fast-paced world, it seems normal, but in reality, it’s not normal at all to feel overwhelmed by your thoughts.

Let your heart lead you.
People often talk about how the heart wants one thing and the mind wants another. This is a common internal struggle that we face. In many instances, it’s wise to listen to your head but in others, your brain can lead you to stress and anxiety.

Of course, living from your heart doesn’t mean ignoring common sense or doing away with critical thinking. It means leading with love. It means disregarding those imagined scenarios that only make you doubt yourself. Living from your heart is about no longer overanalyzing. It’s about doing what’s best for you.

An overactive mind can sabotage your happiness. It can prevent you from taking chances and going for your goals. Living from your heart is about leading with love, including love for yourself.

How can I live from my heart?
To live from your heart, you need to lead a life based on love. When you find yourself in a decision-making situation, choose the response that best resonates with the heart. Don’t worry about “what-if” and don’t tell yourself “I can’t.” If it feels right in your heart, then go for it.

Leading with the heart also means taking care of yourself. It means giving yourself what you need when you need it. Stop putting yourself on the backburner. Regain control of your life and your well-being. Bring your body and soul back into balance.

As you start to lead with love, you’ll have to make some tough choices but you’ll be more honest with yourself. Sometimes the best response for your own mental health is “no”—and that’s okay, especially when it comes from a place of love for yourself and others. Letting go of things that no longer serve you will help you find happiness.

Living from your heart doesn’t mean that you can’t serve others, however. You can absolutely still serve others while serving yourself. Servant leadership is about listening, understanding, and contributing to solutions, while also taking care of yourself.

Letting the heart lead is empowering. It leads to impressive mental, physical, and spiritual growth. In fact, many leadership workshops use this theme. It gives you the tools you need to work through the clutter in your mind and make different choices. Your thoughts will no longer consume you. You will learn and understand that everything is going to work out the way that it’s supposed to. This is the key to finding happiness.

While our brains are entirely necessary and have gotten us far in life, sometimes we need to let them rest. When you start letting your heart lead, you’ll begin to notice that your life feels more authentic. Living from the heart will reduce stress levels, bring you back into balance, and teach you to love yourself. Give your brain a rest and start leading with love.

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